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What is the character set in C?

Like any other language, it has own character set. A character denotes any letter or alphabet, digit or special symbol used to form word, number and expression.

There are 4 types of characters in C.


Lower case Letters: a,b,c,……….,y,z.

Upper Case Letters: A,B,C,………….,Y,Z.



C 32 Keywords

3.Special Characters

~ tilde

%percent sign

| vertical bar

@ at symbol

+ plus sign

< less than

& ampersand

$ dollar sign

* asterisk \ back slash ,etc.

4.White space Characters.

\b blank space

\t horizontal tab

\v vertical tab

\r carriage return

\f form feed

\n new line

\\ Back slash

\’ Single quote

\” Double quote

\? Question mark

\0 Null

\a Alarm (Audible Note)

The white space character are ignored by the compiler.

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